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#you know you ship it when you say ‘aw’ over a little handshake

#That’s not just a little handshake okay? #This is the first time they see each other since Shep was taken away by the Alliance #Neither of them had any clue if the other had survived the Reaper attack #This is the handshake of two lovers extremely relieved to see each other #But they’re in a difficult political situation and hugs and kisses don’t go there #So this is the only way they can embrace of some kind. #Shep goes in with that one hand #Garrus goes to shake it #But you see that? #He clasps his other hand over hers #He’s probably so scared that he has to firmly feel her underneath his hands to realize that she’s really there #She’s alive #And the same’s probably going through her head #It’s so subtle really #That it’s rather heartwarming

reblogging my own gif because THESE TAGS are so beautiful my creys

Flawless tags.

And this right here is a big part of why I’m such a Garrusmancer.

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